Sunday, May 31, 2009

What We've Been Up To....

For those who won know wetin we de up to of recent.....i just wan update una small about wetin we de cook up for una, hope say una go like am.

The above image shows our new user registration system which will greet as a guest and gives the option to register or login if you're already a registered user.
As you can see we've also added a language selector (cos we want u to feel the naijaness when u de our site....we no de only promote our music, we de try promote our culture in general..including our languages)

This second screenshot shows what happens when a user selects yoruba as the prefered language...the site will greet you in Yoruba (hope say i get the translation, make una forgive me if i no get am).

This last screenshot shows how a registered user will get access to more of the features that we'll offer, including a customizable playlist. Comments and shout out will also be restricted to only registered users.

This is a preview of what we're currently working on, please feel free to drop your comments and inputs about what you think about this new updates and what we can do better.