Friday, June 6, 2008

Greed as an African Mentality

Africa is one of the continents God’s blessings have been showered on more.

The continent is blessed with a lot, notably: rich farmlands and natural reserves, expensive stones such as: Gold, Diamond, Manganese etc. In spite of all these, it seems as though, the continent has been the last on the block, though the other four are not competing with us. We are last because there is lack of schools, hospitals, food, good drinking water and a whole lot more. The problems have become very serious that even 5 year olds know what is going on talk less of me, a 25 year old.

What then are the causes of all these. A taunting question a lot of people ask but dare not to provide answers to. Greed is one disease that has eaten deep into the flesh of Africans. The African mentality is, all for me and none for them. Have you ever thought about why that great grand father of yours sacked everybody off those family lands of, in the name of some custom? That is the African mentality we're talking about

Presidents hoard billions of dollars in foreign accounts in Switzerland and other parts of Europe and America at the peril of the masses The mentality is GREED, the excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves.

Our cultural and moral values have been thrown to the dogs in the name of greed and selfishness. Young people no longer give way to the elderly on public transport, but rather compete shamelessly with them. Old men and women are left to solve their own problems at banks and other public places. If I don't get mine done nobody else does, negative greed attitude persists everywhere on the continent.

It is only on the African continent that a CEO or manager must sleep with a lady looking for job, before that job can be given out. Greed is part of mankind; a lot will argue no that shouldn’t at all be the case because it’s what is making us go down the drain as a continent.

Unless these attitudes change, the numerous problems on the continent such as disease, hunger, poverty, mass illiteracy, etc will continue. Unless the presidents stop sending the tax payers' monies to Switzerland, the people will continue to die out of hunger. The manager must give out the jobs on merit, if not, the ladies will be prostitute on the street tomorrow. Young people learn to assist the elderly when their in need, because we'll one day be in that position and need the assistance of others.

Let us know very well that the five of us were born but four have already gone far, let us change our attitudes for the best. I believe in Africa and know there is a lot install here for us.


Anonymous said...

i think i agree with you. greed is going to kill us all one day...

Anonymous said...

It is very true that greed will destroy Nigeria one day. Nigeria could be a world power too if only they let go of the greed....and I am only a teenager knowing this.

Anonymous said...

Greed is found in all societies. I don't think it is an African problem. It does seem that African leaders do place money abroad in amounts that could be used to help their country. Guess its a case of "I love my country but I don't believe that my money, position or life is secure there".

Anonymous said...

Indeed greed is found in all societies however I think it presents itself more destructively in Africa. Greed and jealousy are emotions that are indicative of human nature. However the problem of greed is worst in Africa and most third world nations simply due to the fact that coupled with the severe economic and social deficiencies that Africa faces greed and to some extent jealousy is able to manifest itself on a larger scale. The effects of this are apparent when African's throughout the continent are dying of hunger and starvation, living in areas of poor sanitation, being exposed to archeic practices etc. Politicians should face up to the simple and obvious task of eradicating these issues but I doubt this will ever happen primarily because greed has consumed the mass psychology of most Africans leading them to focus on material entities and hedonistic practices such as cars, houses, drugs, womanising and drinking in excessive amounts. Hence the emergence of the so called "419 people". This behaviour has begun to permeate all aspects of African mentality severely crippling it as a whole and when attempts have been made to reform the system by individuals in government they either get corrupted or they lose the vote of confidence from their peers inhibiting them from excercising power in the right manner to influence change. This is part and parcel of a society which is permeated with greed, crime, deceit, jealousy and an inability to break free beyond the shackles of its internal contradictions and ignorance.