Friday, December 26, 2008

Going on Vacation

Epohcj will be on holiday for about 4 weeks from today. For this time frame, there will not be any major update and no new albums or videos will be added to the site. I might still be blogging though to bring you the sights (not sure of sounds) of my trip back to naija. i promise when i come back enough jamming!!.

I hope you all have a nice holiday celebrations.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We at EPOHCJ want to use this opportunity to wish all our friends and visitors a Merry Christmas, a wonderful and fruitful new year. We hope that this new year will bring better things.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nigerians sweep MAMA (MTV Africa Music Award)

Source: BBC

Nigerian artists dominated the MTV Africa Music Awards (the Mamas) on their own turf in the capital city Abuja, scooping six of the 10 awards.

D'banj won both the artist of the year award and the best male award, crowning a successful year for the self-proclaimed "entertainer".

Fellow Nigerian rapper Naeto C won best new act, while 9ice won the best Hip-hop award.

Kenyan singer Wahu, who was overcome with emotion, was named best female.

She tearfully dedicated the award to her husband, fellow musician Nameless, and to her daughter who, she said, "is to young to understand how much she inspires me".

BBC 1Xtra's Trevor Nelson hosted the show in front of a crowd of 5,000 fans in the stylishly shaped Abuja Velodrome.

The Game
The Game performed at the ceremony

Nigerian duo P-Square, who had five nominations, only managed to take home one prize for best group.

Despite not winning, the disappointed twin brothers thrilled the crowd with their stage act.

South Africa hip-hoppers Jozi won the award for the best live performers.

However, Ghanaian artist Samini revealed he was not happy the live award had gone to a "group that plays CDs and mimes".

He added: "If you say 'live' then the music has to be with a band.

"I'm not picking names but I think that the best live performer should go to a live band artist.

"I'm sorry if I'm being harsh here but I'm trying to be straightforward. If I watch you on TV and I see you with a live band, then you better do it on stage for me."

There was a cameo appearance by US rapper The Game, who gave a brief medley of his hit songs.

There were also performances by the rapper's compatriots Flo-rida, and Kelly Rowland.

Other live acts included Seun Kuti, 9ice, as well as HHP from South Africa, but it was the assortment collaborations that stole the show.

HHP came back on stage to join Nigerian singing sensation Asa on her song Jailer, and Rowland performed alongside D'banj.

But the biggest fusion was that of South African rockers Cassette, Kenyan rapper Jua Cali, and Ikechukwu and Naeto C.

American R&B singer Alicia Keys gave a video acceptance speech for winning the best R&B award, as did South African band Seether, who won the best alternative award.

Mama Africa

The legend gong went to the late Fela Kuti, the Nigerian pioneer of Afrobeat. The award was received by the star's children, Yemi and Seun.

Kelly Rowland D'banj
Kelly and Nigerian artist D'banj performed together

Speaking of Kuti, Nelson said: "He was the first man I ever heard, all the way from the UK, when I heard African music for the first time it came from this man.

"There could only be one person, only one recipient."

Kuti's children joked in their acceptance speech that they would "not take this award to him yet".

"We'll keep it in our house, and when the times comes then we'll take it to him."

Out of the 11 awards given out on the night the legend award was the only one that was not chosen by the fans.

Winners were selected by fans sending text messages.

There was also a tribute to "Mama Africa" Miriam Makeba, the South African singer who died just over a week ago.

Winners each received a Golden Microphone trophy, which has a futuristic microphone emerging from a globe of the world, with the African continent symbolically placed at the top of the world.

Even though this was an African event there were some non-African artists nominated in different categories, including Lil Wayne, The Game, Coldplay, and Keys.

African music videos were also recognized, with Nigeria's Ikechuku winning the award for the best video for his song Wind am well.

Congrats to everyone who got an awards....especially to my Naija artistes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

African China - Forgive Me Video From His Album "London Fever"

From: Romana Abiola

The first thing that stands out is his name: African China. Contrary to first assumptions there is no connection to China. His real name is Timothy Chinagorom Onuoha. African China is from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria and his Yoruba teacher was struggling to pronounce his name correctly so for simplicity's case started calling him 'China'. Later, when starting his music career and looking for a stage name, the 'African' was added. (There is also another way to read the name: African Children Have Ideas Natural for Africa.)

African China has been dubbed "the voice of the Nigerian masses" and from his lyrics, he represent the modern day Fela Kuti, who was well known for representing the poor masses of Nigeria, he also bagged the award as the best Reggae/dancehall act in Nigeria 2007, so he is the current king of dancehall from Nigeria.

No 1 dancehall act from Nigeria AFRICAN CHINA aka Chinagorom Onuoha brought out his first video from his new album "LONDON FEVER" currently making waves in the market. Watch it...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nigerian Artistes Making Waves Abroad

Sent to us by Kaynay Drenco.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is growing enormously. I've been
doing some research and found out that Nigerians abroad are making
waves. All the way from London to Atlanta, many artists are going back
to their roots to capture the Nigerian culture.

Check out these artists:

BCLAY (Dance Hall/Highlife Extraordinaire)
Bacious Clay (B. CLAY) born in Ghana with Nigerian heritage
A gifted singer and songwriter, B. Clay is making his debut as a solo
artist in the United States, B. Clay's sound is a combination of
African beats with Hip Hop and Reggae. He describes it as something
fresh, new, and specifically for all. Having been a former member of
an African group called, "Mbrantee", he is excited to be putting out
his own project as a solo artist, particularly enjoying his freedom to
explore and experiment musically. Sean Paul, Bennie Man, Bob Marley,
and Kanye West influence his music.

Making his debut into mainstream music here in the U.S. with his solo
album, "African Baby", B. Clay is well aware of the differences
between pleasing an American audience as opposed to an African
audience. He describes making music for an American audience "like
making music for the world. [One] has to focus more so on the lyrics
as opposed to just the beat; [with the lyrics] you have to come hard."
Like most artists, his passion for music is strong, so making music
and performing is second nature to him. When given the chance to
entertain and educate his fans, he does it extremely well because
music is his "food"—he eats, drinks. His energy and dynamism on stage
always sees him through.

B. Clay is both versatile and talented on a world-wide scale, having
received the "Yellow Ci-Ci Best West African Single of the Year Award"
at the 5th Annual Continent Academy Award Show in Brooklyn, NY in
2007. He has also performed at several universal concerts such as,
"The Art of Speech for Humanity Concert" in London, "Africa Unites
Tour" in South Africa, and the "Save Africa Concert Foundation" at the
Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY, where Nelson Mandela's X wife, Winnie
Mandela attended. You are witnessing an icon in the making. His
success will be an inspiration for other artists to make their
entrance into mainstream music.

Check out his Mothers Day tribute

Kay Nay Drenco (Lyrically Sound)
Drenco is a uniquely gifted artist of extraordinary versatility. Thus,
makes music based on life experiences. Due to his past life in a dark
and violent environment in which he grew up in, and teenage rough life
Some of his lyrics have these furious features embedded in them. He
stated: "music is an expression of my life".

Furthermore, Drenco has intentions of working as a solo artist. Having
compiled a bunch of thought-provoking lyrics, with slamming and loud
banging instrumentals, Year 2007 appears to be his '1st Coming'. The
Birth album singles "I Go Still Make Am" and "Shake Am Baby" is now
making waves through out radio stations in Nigeria. Drenco believes
his skills meet the international standard, and he is also willing to
work with major artists international producers, DJs etc both inside
and outside Nigeria.
Drenco is signed with Ovacom Media.


Interview on

Mr. Rokan( Oluaye of Georgia)
Mr Rokan's musical style is unique, his voice notwithstanding. While
listening to his music at the initial stage, you would be tempted to
quit paying attention. As his music progresses, his real uniqueness
and style gets into your system, keeps you glued to your musical
instruments while appreciating its originality.

As a local artist, Rokan moved from Rhodes Island to Atlanta in the
early 90s when he discovered that there was no Fuji local artist in
the State of Georgia. Mr Rokan could be referred to as the pioneer or
first Nigerian Fuji local artist in Atlanta. Since he started Fuji
music in Atlanta, other Nigerian local artists have sprung up in
various areas, specializing in Gospel, Juju, and Highlife music,
ranging from a group to a one-man artist. This development gives
Nigerians, especially the Yoruba's in Atlanta, a choice of their brand
of music. He has received blessings from the stars of Fuji Music as
well as Juju King at the same time. Wasiu gave him the title, "Oluaye
of Georgia".

Ayinde Barrister blessed his style of music, capped with the Royal
blessings from King Sunny Ade, with congratulatory message from Sir
Shina Peters, as shown in the pictures in this piece. His fans in
Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Mary Land, Washington D.C., Tampa,
Alabama, Greensboro and Houston, among others, are pleased with
Rokan's unique style of Music. Despite the adventure of the new
artists in Atlanta Mr Rokan has lived up to the expectation among Fuji
fans, regardless of any competition among the Nigerian local artists.

He has crossed Georgia border to other Cities in the United States,
such as Chicago, Miami, and Rhodes Island. His shows in these cities
have registered more fans to his style of music with tremendous
successes, than he have envisioned, he was the star attraction at
Georgia State University for the Dejavu packaged Nigeria Re-uninon in
ATL. He has also taken his music style to the National Theatre in
Lagos, Nigeria. "This artiste caught our attention for his dynamism.
His album entitled "4 Give Dem" has a clean crisp look. It really made
us ROCK ON! We'd recommend a little voice tweaking to get him to the
right spot

Mr. Rokan will be launching his new album " Thank U God" on Friday May
9,2008 in Atlanta, Georgia:



Dewaves (Tingengen Fada)
DeWaves is an afro hip-hop artist born in Lagos Nigeria. He released
two hit tracks in the U.K which he called double singles (OMO BABY AND
BONJOUR). ''PROMO ONLY'' OMO BABY was produced by one of the Nigerian
London based Musical producer (Kas), and the photography was shot by
ATL based Nigerian (NuGen) and finally, the post production was made
by TW Records London. This musical video was shot in London, Essex and
Atlanta Georgia.

The video took DeWaves to another level in the entertainment industry,
because its one of the best video that has been shot in the twenty
century, DeWaves is a Nigeria and was born and raised up in Lagos
Nigeria. Bonjour was produced by Marvelous Benji and featured Koldman
of Crazy Culture in the city of AJEGUNLE ''A.J CITY''. The Bonjour
Video is yet to be released. Camera shy artists have performed with so
many popular Nigerian Artist, both in Nigeria and overseas. e.g
Tuface, faze, P square, African china, De-indispensables, D'banj,
craxyculture(jupa-jupa) Tony-Tetuila and so many others, Dewaves
performed with so many popular Nigeria D.J's e.g; D.J ABASS, DOUGLAS,
Dewaves new single is "Tingengen" which is making waves all over the
United Kingdom.



Rachel Adegeye(Nigerian Queen of Rn B)
Rachel, graduate born in Lagos,Nigeria resides in London, England. She
is a singer,songwriter, Photographer and plus size model. Watch out
for Rachel, she is Nigeria's Queen of RnB"


Monday, September 8, 2008

D'Banj - The Entertainer | His new album

D'Banj new album "The Entertainer" makes sense well well, my favorite tracks for this album are Igwe, Suddenly....i de also feel mo gbono feli feli. D'banj fire on nothing do u. The album de below for una to check am out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gongo Aso - 9ice's Stepping Stone

Speakers on the streets seem to burst from the sound of the ‘signature beats’ and the husky voice with so much appeal…

Some wonder if the beat and the voice are Siamese Twins… So inseparable it seems no other voice could go with such beats and no other beats would’ve been good for such a voice…

From every perspective, ‘Gongo Aso’ is a product of simple but complicated blend of rhythm and lyrical expertise with a mind infested with cultural identification that it appears to harbour the fear of one day being robbed of it. Much as its popularity goes, the uniqueness of the song lies in its ability to mask the simple lyrics with a measured amalgam of Yoruba Language which vested on it the buoyancy from the attributes of a ‘national anthem’, as its contemporaries turned out to be.

The cultural identity portrayed by 9ice in ‘Gongo Aso’ is not unexpected of a typical Yoruba man whose tenacious hold on culture is unrivalled amongst other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. To say that ‘Gongo Aso’ is the only song whose unique nature is rooted in this aspect is to be the least exaggerating. Hit songs who, in one way or the other, exude even an iota of the Nigerian cultures abound in music stores. Same goes for artistes who are grounded in this ideology. However, what singles out this Ibadan-born crooner is nothing more than the masterful rendition accorded every line and rhyme his voice honours.

Two years ago, he was just another Naija guy on the streets. But now, 9ice has become a household name made popular by the unprecedented success with the hit song, ‘Gongo Aso’. One would want to ascribe 9ice’s spectacular entrance in the Naija music scene to his appearance in Ruggedy Baba – by Ruggedman, a Naija rap sensation famous for his hardcore critique of fellow rapstas. With his second album "Gongo Aso", 9ice has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian music industry whose nascent nature makes it a bee-hive of competition.

As the song enjoys maximum airplay and profound listening, criticisms and admirations continuously flow. Though the latter far more outweigh the former, it would make sense to evaluate the remarks of the critics. It has been argued that the theme of the song could not be easily fathomed by even prolonged listening. Could it be 9ice wanted conveniently to ‘show’ himself in the song, or more or less market his lyrical prowess as shown in the opening line of verse one: “Gongo Aso!, (you know), am on fire, no be beans talk…”?. The argument follows that, as a consequence, no moral lesson can be deduced from a song whose message is elusive other than a portrayal of personal skills. One is then tempted to classify it amongst songs like Yahoozee- by Olu Maintain and ‘2 Much Money’ by Kelly Hansome. These classes of songs have been criticized for being devoid of tangible messages other than advertising/showcasing Nigeria’s expertise in precisely cyber-related fraud. But, come to think of it, wouldn’t it be kind of cynical judging a song only based on ethics and morality when doing so would amount to condemning the whole by sampling just the part? Nonetheless, these aforementioned hit songs have enjoyed #1 spots for weeks in national music charts and some global countdowns. More so, they have and are still being considered classic party jamz by the average club-minded Naija citizen.

As 9ice continues to blaze the trail in the Naija music scene, calls for him to honour most of the elite ‘shows’ in the country and beyond have become unceasing of recent. It is worthy to note here that Naija can no longer wait to explode into the international music scene. It’s nice (Abi ‘9ice’?) to learn that most of these artistes making waves are proud to repp Naija to the fullest, wherever and whenever! A lesson to our artistes who think that to sound western in their lyrics would guarantee them a place in Naija musician’s hall of fame. Far from it! Nowadays, ‘We Doin’ it in Our Own Stylee’ as 2 Baba (TuFace Idibia) and friends would rightly point out. Peace, Folks! Naija is hottin’, O nwelu ife na-eme! (Nothin’ dey happen!).

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nigerian Music Icon Oliver De Coque is Dead!


Death seems to be having a feast on Nigerian musicians as highlife maestro Oliver de Coque on Friday joined the growing list of dead musicians in recent times. Oliver de Coque who was crowned king of highlife music by Alaafin of Oyo in 1994 joined Sammy Needle, Steve Rhodes and Sunny Okosun who died recently.

Oliver de Coque died at a private hospital on Friday about 5pm of health issues related to cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital by 2pm after he complained of dizziness and three hours later the Anambra-born highlife musician gave up the ghost.

Oliver de Coque during his lifetime was an accomplished musician who became popular with his brand of highlife. He started playing music in 1974 after he learnt how to play guitar from Piccolo and he has about 86 albums to his credit. He played a major role during civil war playing music for the Biafran soldiers.

What makes his death pathetic is that his mother’s corpse is still in the morgue. She died sometimes ago and has since been deposited in the mortuary because Oliver was planning to finish the house he was building in his village.

He shot to limelight in 1979 when he released People’s Club Ka anyi bili be ndu (People’s Club let us enjoy ourselves). The album was said to have sold over 2 million copies at the time. Among his hits are Funny Funny Identity, Ugbana, Easter Special, Ana enwe obodo enwe, and a couple of others. Messiah his first album was released in 1974.

He will be remembered for his praise singing and unique voice, and his shinning bears. His image loomed large across the nation and even beyond. His popularity was not in doubt such that so many people thought he was a Cameroonia. Oliver who got married at the age of 20 is survived by children and grand-children.

This is not only a national loss but also a personal one because every new year eve for the last two years, i always get to see oliver De coque playing live in my villa. I'm always called on to do the flier for the event, and i never knew last December ('08) will be that last time i get to see this great musical icon. Adieu Akanite.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Greed as an African Mentality

Africa is one of the continents God’s blessings have been showered on more.

The continent is blessed with a lot, notably: rich farmlands and natural reserves, expensive stones such as: Gold, Diamond, Manganese etc. In spite of all these, it seems as though, the continent has been the last on the block, though the other four are not competing with us. We are last because there is lack of schools, hospitals, food, good drinking water and a whole lot more. The problems have become very serious that even 5 year olds know what is going on talk less of me, a 25 year old.

What then are the causes of all these. A taunting question a lot of people ask but dare not to provide answers to. Greed is one disease that has eaten deep into the flesh of Africans. The African mentality is, all for me and none for them. Have you ever thought about why that great grand father of yours sacked everybody off those family lands of, in the name of some custom? That is the African mentality we're talking about

Presidents hoard billions of dollars in foreign accounts in Switzerland and other parts of Europe and America at the peril of the masses The mentality is GREED, the excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves.

Our cultural and moral values have been thrown to the dogs in the name of greed and selfishness. Young people no longer give way to the elderly on public transport, but rather compete shamelessly with them. Old men and women are left to solve their own problems at banks and other public places. If I don't get mine done nobody else does, negative greed attitude persists everywhere on the continent.

It is only on the African continent that a CEO or manager must sleep with a lady looking for job, before that job can be given out. Greed is part of mankind; a lot will argue no that shouldn’t at all be the case because it’s what is making us go down the drain as a continent.

Unless these attitudes change, the numerous problems on the continent such as disease, hunger, poverty, mass illiteracy, etc will continue. Unless the presidents stop sending the tax payers' monies to Switzerland, the people will continue to die out of hunger. The manager must give out the jobs on merit, if not, the ladies will be prostitute on the street tomorrow. Young people learn to assist the elderly when their in need, because we'll one day be in that position and need the assistance of others.

Let us know very well that the five of us were born but four have already gone far, let us change our attitudes for the best. I believe in Africa and know there is a lot install here for us.